Aurae Wellness Coaching blends mindfulness, radical acceptance, positive psychology and ethology to form a psychosocial approach to stress management.


Aurae Wellness Coaching has a dream to see all people living more effectively with their emotions.  We want people to be able to live life with less stress, and more peace.

Mission Statement

Aurae Wellness Coaching provides a peer-to-peer facilitation style that educates individuals on emotions and emotional issues, with a special interest in stress and anxiety.  Helping a person learn where emotions come from and why emotions make us behave the way we do can improve their mental health, physical health, work productivity and overall outlook on life.

Respect, compassion and education are the pillars of a psychologically safe work environment and Aurae Wellness Coaching embodies this type of culture.

Danielle LeFort, RVTDanielle LeFort, CCP                         Owner, Emotional Wellness Coach

Danielle has experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, compassion fatigue and bullying during two decades in the fields of animal care and veterinary medicine.

She has used this experience and knowledge to educate others on stress management, emotional intelligence, workplace bullying, and how to manage difficult people. While working as part of the management team for the Nova Scotia SPCA, she successfully influenced a positive and respectful work atmosphere with highly trained employees.

Danielle has a vision of sharing her collective knowledge to help others manage the negativity they experience both personally and professionally so they are able to better cope.

“Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; they sink because of the water that gets inside them. Don’t let the negativity around you get inside and weigh you down.” – Author Unknown

In her spare time (if there is such a thing these days), Danielle can usually be found out in nature with her dog.  She enjoys playing and listening to music, laughing along with most styles of comedy, and is continuously learning about emotion and life in a non-judgmental way.