What does an emotional wellness coach do?

The services we provide fall under the category of life coaching.  We help people understand and cope with their emotions more effectively.  We take a psychosocial (mind, body, environment) approach to normalize the human experience, and change how people fundamentally think about their life. This is actually the opposite of most current medical mental health interventions.

Our experience is that people have more control over their emotional states than they are led to believe.

We also don’t dwell on the past, although we acknowledge and explain how it has an effect on the present.  We want to focus on solutions for our clients, to improve their present and future.

 Are you a therapist or counselling service? What is your education and experience?

We are NOT therapists, counsellors, psychologists or even mental health service providers.  However, we don’t say this with shame.  Coaches are people who didn’t learn their knowledge from a book, they learned their knowledge through decades of actual life experience.  Coaches are people who have been personally abused or bullied. We have lived with compassion fatigue, depression and anxiety, sometimes for decades.  We have walked the walk, and we have a genuine interest in sharing our knowledge, to show others how they can blossom just as much as we have.

Consider coaching more of a peer to peer support system rather than traditional medical intervention.

Aurae Wellness Coaching coaches obtain certification through the Certified Coaches Federation as Certified Coach Practitioners.  This training enables them to be effective communicators and listeners, as well as motivational mentors.

 How often would we meet? How long is a session? When will I see results?

Sessions are approximately 1 hour, every week or two depending on your schedule.  However, unlike traditional medical interventions, coaches can also be reached for support and assistance outside of a scheduled session.

Aurae Wellness Coaching is starting to grow an active social media network and we encourage clients to contact us if they are struggling or confused.

Some people can notice differences in as little as 3 months, while others may still be struggling after a year or more.  Results depend on your own desire to do something different, and embrace the changes as they occur.  Your level of dedication to the program would be discussed prior to making any financial commitment.