Emotional Wellness Coaching

Aurae Wellness Coaching helps people learn to cope more effectively in society and live a less stressful life.

We know how busy life is, so we come to you within Nova Scotia whether it be in your home, office, or local public meeting space. If you live outside Nova Scotia, contact us and we can discuss alternative arrangements.

Our facilitator has walked the walk, so you can be sure they have the personal experience necessary to be able to understand your situation and guide you.  Your facilitator will have successfully managed their own mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, excessive workplace related stress, burnout, compassion fatigue and/or bullying.

Areas of expertise:

  • Burnout / Stress Management
  • Anxiety Coping Skills
  • Vicarious Trauma / Compassion Fatigue Management
  • Psychological Harassment (Bullying)


If you aren’t sure if coaching is right for you, contact us anyway!  

Pre-consultations are completely free and 100% non obligatory.