“Danielle is a very compassionate individual. She always looks forward and has a passion for helping people. She has helped me in more ways than I can count”

“Hey Danielle!

You are one of the most understanding people I have ever met. When I was going through a very rough time, you were there with support and kindness. You give off a really calming and friendly vibe.

You have a way of making really painful times seem less big and overwhelming. I’m so happy I got to meet you and felt comfortable enough to open up to you. You helped in a big way, and you probably don’t even know it!

Thank you, Danielle. For being you, for always looking for the positives, for knowing that our big, scary problems and feelings are not quite as big and scary as we think. Thank you for providing a light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Danielle, thank you so much for all of your help.  This year (2014-2015) would have been impossible without you.  You’ve inspired me so much, and ultimately made me a better person.”

“Danielle ensured all staff had a strong understanding of their job and made certain all employees were more than comfortable in such high stress working environments……..Danielle has an extraordinary understanding in defusing hostile and toxic working environments. Within the two years I have been at my workplace with Danielle I personally have reached out to her on multiple occasions without hesitation or any feeling of discomfort……..For the whole time that Danielle and I had worked together, she has demonstrated excellent leadership qualities, always showed respect for her employees, and even in the harshest times showed great work ethic and attitude. Danielle is an asset for any team and is still a very highly respected asset to ours.” 

“You’ve had such an impact on my life and made me become a better person.  I am so grateful I’ve had the chance to meet you and learn from you.”

“Danielle is a huge advocate for anti-workplace bullying. She does not tolerate any negative or rude comments made towards fellow coworkers. Danielle coached us all individually on how to be a better co-worker. I would highly recommend Danielle as a life coach. She would not disappoint.”