Workplace Mental Wellness Program

Does your workplace have stress issues? Are you constantly recruiting employees because turnover is high? Does the term “stress leave” send shivers down your spine? Do your employees fight like cats and dogs? Is your workplace so toxic there should be a “biohazard” symbol on the front door?

Our Workplace Mental Wellness Package can help restore your workplace to equilibrium.

Aurae Wellness Coaching provides workshops for groups, coaching for individual employees, and consultation for a company to help with specific areas of concern.

Areas of expertise

  • Implementing a Positive Corporate Culture
  • Designing Respectful Workplace Policies that WORK
  • Psychological Harassment in the Workplace – Bullying
  • Burnout / Stress Management
  • Vicarious Trauma / Compassion Fatigue Management

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If you aren’t sure if our service is right for you, contact us anyways!

Pre-consultations are completely free and 100% non obligatory.